Our Story


Back in 1951 Dante Righetto started the homonymous bakery which today is known as Panificio Pasticceria Righetto s.n.c. (Righetto Bakery and Pastry Shop). Owned by Dante’s granddaughters Marta, Alessandra, Cristiana and Marzia who run it with the collaboration of their mother Liliana.
This family business specialized in the arts of baking and pastry making preserved the characteristic originality, familiarity and goodness of artisanal production. Simple and genuine ingredients are used every day to prepare our delicious products. We are particularly well known in the Vicenza area for our renowned typical products: Radicchio bread, Vicentine Ciabatta, hardtack, classic hand-stretched breadsticks and with Colli Berici wine, Traditional Veneziana cake, Schiacciata cake with figs and walnuts, various biscuits with honey and extra virgin olive oil from the Berici Hills.

“Sweetening life is our specialty”
Pastry and bakery products prepared with love for over sixty years.